List of Marathi Surnames with Caste

List of Marathi Surnames with Caste

The Marathi people of India have a variety of surnames, many of which are associated with specific castes. Marathi surnames can be divided into several major categories, such as Brahmin, Maratha, Kunbi, and Dalit.

Each of these categories has a different list of surnames associated with it. For example, common surnames among the Brahmin caste include Deshpande, Joshi, Bhat, and Kulkarni.

Popular surnames among the Marathas include Gaikwad, Thakur, Pawar, and Jadhav. Some of the most common surnames among the Kunbi caste are Patil, Chavan, and Mhatre. Finally, some of the most common surnames among the Dalit caste are Gavade, Kamble, and Gaikwad.

List of Marathi Surnames with Caste

Marathi surnames are typically associated with a particular caste, including some of the most common Marathi surnames along with their associated castes.

  1. Desai: Deshastha Brahmin
  2. Patil: Kunabi, Maratha
  3. Kulkarni: Deshastha Brahmin
  4. Jadhav: Kunabi, Maratha
  5. Pawar: Maratha
  6. Ghorpade: Maratha
  7. Chavan: Maratha
  8. Gaikwad: Maratha
  9. Bapat: Chitpavan Brahmin
  10. Bhosale: Maratha
  11. Shinde: Maratha
  12. Sawant: Maratha
  13. Kadam: Kunabi, Maratha
  14. Kamble: Mahar
  15. Abhyankar: Deshastha Brahmin
  16. Agashe: Deshastha Brahmin
  17. Apte: Deshastha Brahmin
  18. Bedekar: Deshastha Brahmin
  19. Bhandarkar: Deshastha Brahmin
  20. Bhave: Deshastha Brahmin
  21. Bhide : Maratha
  22. Damle: Deshastha Brahmin
  23. De (surname): Deshastha Brahmin
  24. Deshmukh: Maratha
  25. Deshpande: Deshastha Brahmin
  26. Gadgil: Deshastha Brahmin
  27. Godbole: Deshastha Brahmin
  28. Phatak (surname): Deshastha Brahmin
  29. Poonawalla: Unknown
  30. Shetye (name): Deshastha Brahmin
  31. Shinde: Maratha

Hope you have gone through our List of Marathi Surnames with Caste; if you have any questions or if we have missed any surnames, please do let us know in the comment box below.

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